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Poster: maximus7 Date: Dec 14, 2004 9:08am
Forum: movies Subject: Demand a revote for Ohio and Florida

In order to force the secretaries of state to call for new presidential elections in Ohio and Florida, boycott Wendy's restaurants around the United States. Wendy's runs their corporation out of the state of Ohio and boycott Outback Steakhouses around the United States. Outback Steakhouse runs their corporarion out of the state of Florida. Call or email these companies and demand that they get their secretary of state to call for a new election or go bankrupt because we will not do business with them. A recount will not give the people who could not vote due to suppression, a vote.

To Contact Wendy's Corporation People can email

To Contact Outback SteakHouse click on this link

and demand a revote in each respective state or you will not buy from them.

Click here to contact the governor of Ohio to demand a revote or you will continue to boycott Wendy's

and click here to contact the governor of Florida to demand a revote or you will continue to boycott Outback steakhouse and or Florida orange juice.

Pass the word.

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Poster: Ryan Schweitzer Date: Dec 19, 2004 11:34am
Forum: movies Subject: Re: Demand a revote for Ohio and Florida

Good grief. George W. won, fair and square. Just the typical-usual-crybaby-whiney-hissy-fit response from the traditionally sore losin' liberals, with their whole tinfoil-hat conspiracy theories about how the conservatives secretly hijacked the election :P.

This quite-famous image really says it all:

And what really got my goat was what dstone replied with:
"So get over it already and prepare for the totalitarian state that the republicans are building.
Bunch of peace, freedom loving democrats. "

Peace, freedom loving democrats? HA! What a load of bull. Everybody with a brain *obviously* knows that the democrats (and liberals in general) have their whole ideology based off of socailstic beliefs, if not outright socialism. And everybody knows that socialism, or it's uglier brother, communism, doesn't really have a good track record of providing freedom, liberty, and choice to the people oppressed under these ideolgies.

Give me a break, the repubs are not building a totalitarian state, that is something liberals would do, considering the despotic, freedom-hating nature of the socialist beliefs they embrace. So, if you want to believe dstone's comments, I guess that makes Josef Stalin a model member of the GOP. 20 million dead Russians can't be wrong, you know.

Oh, and right now, I could really go for a Wild Mountain Burger combo with the Biggie fries & drink. Yummy. And if if weren't for the fact that there isn't an Outback in my town, I'd order out for a Bloomin' Onion platter too. Delish.


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Poster: CrazyTrain Date: Feb 24, 2005 12:14pm
Forum: movies Subject: Re: Demand a revote for Ohio and Florida

Hello??? Anybody think that just maybe the Dems have brainwashed you so much that you don't get it. Is that so impossible?? I was a Dem until I was 30ish, then I started to really listen to facts and became a republican. The elections were not stolen you losers. If you work hard and have a vision, you will be well off in the US. Canada is not so hot - been there many times - you live off the US protection. (Read studies on human behavior and you will find that all people dislike other people instinctively if they are dominated by them. The US dominates Canada)

If you don't work hard, you will be poor. Thats the system - period. My Dad had nothing as a kid - he worked hard to do well in school, got a good job and retired with enough money to enjoy life. I am 43 now, work hard, enjoy my life and I am on the way to have a good retirement one day. If you don't enjoy your life, look in the mirror for someone to blame and quit whining.

PS - I actually take care of my children and remain committed to my wife because its the right thing to do. Get it - its not that hard is it! LOL losers

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Poster: dstone Date: Dec 19, 2004 10:46pm
Forum: movies Subject: Re: Demand a revote for Ohio and Florida

I already live in Canada, the true land of freedom.

Socialism is preferable to a Bush presidency.

You guys are clueless, you actually support Bush???

When I said democrats, I was refering to the first posters of this thread.

All governments are corrupt, there has NEVER been a government that wasn't corrupt, human emotions guarantee that power will always be corrupt.
It's just a matter of the level of corruption, and the Bush/Republican rich/powerfull aholes are the most corrupt.

Over 1000 american soldiers have died in Iraq and thousands more got injured, and alot for the rest of their lives.
And how many Iraq people were murdered.
But who cares, they caught Saddam and Bush said the war is over.
They should have gotten rid of Saddam in 1992, when the US had the support of the whole world, even the Arab countries.
Why did Bush senior decide to stop right outside Baghdad, only for selfish political reasons.

Open your eyes and minds, governments & the rich/powerful are always corrupt, they have made countless millions suffer, including thousands of Ameerican citizens too.

Never put your trust/faith in any government, put it in yourself.

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Poster: DeadDave50 Date: Dec 21, 2004 4:36am
Forum: movies Subject: Re: Demand a revote for Ohio and Florida

I live in the USA,and i DID NOT VOTE FOR THE VILLAGE IDIOT!!!I am amazed how the American people fell for the republican puppet.Everyday more and more people are slipping through the cracks thanks to the love of our goverments abuse of individual rights.But thats who they wanted to lead them to slaughter.

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Poster: Darrell Wright Date: Jan 5, 2005 11:10am
Forum: movies Subject: Re: Demand a revote for Ohio and Florida

Hell it does not bother me one way or the other who won the election. Although I did spend about two months working for the democratic party, I came to realize that one crook was just as bad as the other one.

Anymore the only thing that politicians care about is who is going to grease his or her palms toget their way. The only hope for this world is if we fall into another depression, which is coming.

Then maybe some of these rich S.O.B.'s will learn that it takes money to survive in their idea of a perfect world; however, a poor man does not need such luxuries because he has done without for most of his life.